Swedish Golf Market

True Golf Marketing, Sweden and GermanyThe Swedes love golf! In fact, with an estimated one million golfers Sweden has the highest numbers of players in regard to the population in continental Europe. Only 9,5 million people live in the big country, that means plenty of space for almost 500 golf courses. Swedish golf is not without problems though. The number of organized golfers is shrinking for several years now with 482.476 persons being member in a golf club in 2012. It is still an impressive number and because of the long dark winters in Sweden, those golfers travel a lot. Sweden is among the richest countries in Europe and even though golf in Sweden is by no means a rich peoples sport, there is enough disposable income available for a trip or two every year. A minimum holiday allowance of five weeks for employees is also beneficial.
Here are some key facts about the Swedish golf market:
  • Number of golf clubs: 484 (2012)
  • Number of golfers (estimated): approx. 1 million
  • Number of members in golf clubs: 482.476 (2012)
  • Junior girls: 11.468
  • Junior boys: 39.636
  • Senior ladies: 128.149
  • Senior men: 303.223
  • 60% of all members are older than 40 years
  • 21% are older than 60 years
  • 89% of Scandinavian regular golfers who take golf holidays have taken a “non-domestic” golf break in the last 12 months*
  • Almost 1 out of 3 trips from Scandinavia is taken in Spain*
  • Germany is 2nd among Scandinavian golfers*
 *from a study from Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. for the 2012 International Golf Travel Market (IGTM)