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Golf famtrip to Cape Town

I am very much looking forward to next week, because I will be able to get away from the European winter for a week and visit Cape Town in South Africa. It will be my personal famtrip down south and I meet up with our client Giltedge Golf to discuss next seasons projects and also to check out a couple of hotels and golf courses.  The program is not totally set, but I will give you a preview of what we are going to do.

We stay one night at Kleine Zalze Lodge in the winelands just outside Stellenbosch. And we are going to play Pearl Valley and spend some time drinking a good wine. In Cape Town we chose to visit the Protea Hotel Breakwater, which is very close to the waterfront. We will also be at the Arabella Hotel and Spa and play their golf course. The plan is to play golf every day, see a hotel every day and have some business meetings as well. It will be quite busy.

Warren playing Golf in South AFrica

Warren Weitsz from Giltedge Golf

I am flying from Stockholm this time, there are plenty of good connections with Star Alliance. A short flight to Munich, less than two hours at the airport and then Lufthansa will take me directly to Cape Town. Germany (from Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich) and Switzerland (from Zurich) have a lot of direct connections to Johannesburg and Cape Town and those airports are easily accessible from Scandinavia as well. And of course, if you are flying via Heathrow or the new Arabic hubs, you will have even more options to choose from.

It is very simple flight despite the total 17hrs flight time. Flying overnight and staying in the same time zone means, that you wake up the next morning and you are ready to go. This is a  huge advantage for South Africa compared to e.g. Thailand or the  Caribbean. It even makes a shorter trip of 6 or 7 nights possible.

So expect a lot of pictures and news here in this blog from the trip and also be ready to put South Africa on the list for your next golf vacation. I will surely enjoy my business trip into the sun.