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WINSTONgolf steps up in Sweden

winstongolf_logoWINSTONgolf, a golf resort in north-eastern Germany, is planning a marketing campaign in
Sweden in 2015. True Golf Marketing worked out the details and will help WINSTONgolf to attract more Swedish golfers with print and online advertising as well as a PR-campaign next year.

The award winning resort has two 18 holes courses (WINSTONopen and WINSTONlinks) and a
9 hole par 3 course. It is located in beautiful nature near Schwerin only a one hour drive away from Rostock, where the ferries from Sweden and Denmark arrive.

VICE golf balls hit Swedish market in cooperation with TGM

VICE GOLF packageThe Munich/Germany based startup VICE GOLF partnered up with True Golf Marketing and is entering the Swedish golf market. VICE is selling quality golf balls at a fraction of the price compared to its competitors. The key is, that VICE GOLF bypasses traditional business channels and selling their golf balls directly to the consumer over the website www.vicegolf.com.

The company started a couple of years ago with the brand “Flake Golf” but changed its name and design at the beginning of this season. This year has also seen a huge step towards the internationalization of the company, which is now selling in several countries in Europe as well as in the United States.

The Swedish market with its estimated one million golfers (482.000 of them member in a golf   club in 2012) is one of the biggest market in Europe. Compared to  VICE’ home market Germany ten times more people play golf in Sweden in relation to the entire population. Golf does not have the image of an rich man’s sport in Sweden and we are confident to have some success with the offer of a top quality golf ball to a very low price.

If you are a golf pro and you want to test our new balls, please contact us. We also sell to companies and besides the traditional printing offer extremely  fast digital printing. From one dozen of balls and up we are able to print everything on your ball within a couple of days. That means, in the future you can customize your balls with a lot more than just your logo.